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Early Access

My friend, I have a problem that I think you might have run into before.
I have been a part of a few acrylic pouring communities over the years. I have never really felt like I was part of something bigger with these communities.

Facebook is scattered and disorganized; YouTube comments are too hard to track and follow conversations; Instagram is great for browsing but not for meaningful conversations.

Don’t get me wrong, I love talking with you over email, on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. I feel like those conversations could be much more powerful if we could somehow turn these virtual conversations into more intimate discussions. My goal is to make them feel more like a group of friends sitting around shooting the breeze or like a knitting group or a book club where we talk about what we love and enjoy each other’s company. (I am a little old school I know).

With that goal in mind, I am setting up a beta test for a paid acrylic pouring community that will be open initially to only a few dozen founding members.

Why paid? People pay attention to things they pay for. Plain and simple. I don’t want a 25,000 member community where you get lost in the shuffle. I want aspiring artists that are serious about learning and being part of something special where we all together improve and expand our pouring skills, create lifelong relationships, and on the more practical side, save time and money.

I will tell you honestly I don’t have all the answers today. I don’t know exactly where this will go. I have an inkling of an idea where it “could” go. I am hoping that the founding members can help me build this community into something we haven’t yet seen in the acrylic pour space.
Here is my promise to founding members to make the monthly fee worth their while as we create this community together:

  • I will personally be actively involved in the community.  I do have a day job currently so a lot of this may be after hours or weekends.
  • I will host at least one AMA (Ask Me Anything) each month via conference call exclusive to the members.
  • I will make my best attempt to video a pouring session with a member of the community every month. I say “best” attempt because I’ve done a few of these before and getting a good internet connection, camera setups on both ends, and schedules are complicated and don’t always work the way we plan them.

Here are the requests I ask of anyone that want to participate as a founding member:

  • Be active in the community.  Answer questions.  Ask questions.  Even a few minutes of chatting with other members can make a huge difference for you, and them.
  • Ask specific questions.   Post of picture of your work and instead of asking something generic like “how does this look?” Try something more specific like “I don’t why the white disappeared.  What could I have done to prevent that?” With this type of question, another member that responds won’t feel hesitant about giving honest feedback since you asked specifically, and you will get the answers you are looking for.
  • Give feedback and provide ideas for things you’d like to see or ways to organize that would make the community run better.
    If this sounds like a movement in which you’d like to participate, additional details can be found here – The Pouring Nation Community. (This is a beta launch and I am learning as I go, too.)

If today isn’t that day for you, that is perfectly fine. I will continue answering emails, responding to DM, and bringing valuable content via YouTube and my website.

If you’re reading this still, you must be a saint. 🤣 🤣 🤣 I do appreciate everything you’ve done to help make my paint pouring journey so enjoyable. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

Happy pouring!

Your Friend,

David the LeftBrainedArtist